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World Cup 2018 Best betting tips

Betting tips for World Cup 2018

Are you looking for some betting tips for World Cup Russia 2018? You want to bet on combinations to win bigger? Want to bet different than normal? Bet-in-Asia would like to share some tips on the combination bets on this football biggest competitions. Before bet tips we also want to share what bookies is the best to play in Asia. Currently has promotions for World Cup 2018 plus they has bonus for new customers. Why not visit Dafabet website? If you’re new, is also the best Asian online betting website. They are very good at customer service and deposit/withdraw system even more bonus. Check out 188BET official website here.

Bet combinations by who win the matches

For new players who never bet before; bet combination mean you chose different matches that can be different leagues, different dates put them together then bet amount of money for all those matches. If all matches you bet win, you will win big because all odds is sum up. If only one match lose, you lose your bet. Only one rule apply is you cannot bet same matches different thing like if you choose to bet one match on winner, you cannot bet Over/under. Some website let you combine up to 12 events, and some can be up to 15 events. Down below is some match that you can bet combine them together. You can choose bet winner or bet on goal.
16/6/2018: France vs Australia bet France or bet over 1.5
16/6/2018: Argentina vs Iceland bet Argentina or bet over 1.5
17/6/2018: Germany vs Mexico bet Germany or bet over 1.5
17/6/2018: Brazil vs Switzerland bet Brazil or bet over 1.5
18/6/2018: Belgium vs Panama bet Belgium or bet over 1.5
20/6/2018: Iran vs Spain bet Spain or bet over 1.5
21/6/2018: France vs Peru bet France or bet over 1.5
22/6/2018: Brazil vs Costa Rice bet over 1.5
23/6/2018: Belgium vs Tunisia bet Belgium
23/6/2018: Germany vs Sweden bet over 1.5 or Bet Germany
24/6/2018: England vs Panama bet on England
24/6/2018: Japan vs Senegal bet over 1.5.
We only share until the week 2 since we need to analyse the results before furthers predictions.

Bet on Who will win the World Cup 2018

According to our diagram predictions World Cup 2018 in Russia. We think that the final match will be Brazil vs Germany. As for the winner, we will place a wager on Germany.

Bet who will be the top scorer

The best players on World Cup 2018 should be: Messi or Rolnaldo or Neymar. However, Rolnaldo has more chance to win the Top Score of World Cup 2018.

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