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FIFA World Cup 2018 predictions winner

Who will be the winner FIFA World Cup Russia 2018?

As the World Cup starts, we all curious about what countries can make to the top of the groups, who will be in the round 16? Who will be in the quarter-final? Who play in Semi-finals? and who will be the 3rd&4th place?

Teams that should be winner of each groups

That’s not easy to find who will be the winner of the group and who can be the runner-up. However, we think that each groups has their own winners that the possibility is bigger.
Winner Group A: Uruguay
Winner Group B: Portugal
Winner Group C: France
Winner Group D: Argentina
Winner Group E: Brazil
Winner Group F: Germany
Winner Group G: Belgium
Winner Group H: Poland.

What teams make it to Round 16 World Cup 2018

Which teams go quarter-finals, semi-final and Final

It is just our predictions the real results will reveals soon. Find out the journey of the top teams of World Cup Russia 2018 by our prediction diagram down below:
predictions winner worldcup 2018
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