Betting in Cambodia

Where to bet in Cambodia in 2020?

Promotion Online Betting in Cambodia

Is Legal to bet in Cambodia ?

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Sport betting has been illegal since 2009. All kinds of betting in physical present is banned. Casino in some cities or along the borders of Cambodia is legal. But it’s not wise to play there since you don’t know what tricks casino has and why you must travel so long to border while you can bet at home.
Online betting is the best solution. It’s fair play and convenient. You can bet at home and any place you go, even with your mobile phone.

How to bet online ?

We are showing you all the tricks and tips of betting online that you need. Online betting mean to bet on Internet. All you need is a device such as Laptop, Computer, Tablet or Mobile phone with Internet.
Choosing a trustful bookmaker to place your money is not easy. There are several betting sites, so be careful of some website doesn’t have legal license. We recommend you some betting sites that have legal licenses only.

Khmer language Bookie ?

If you are looking for Khmer Language bookmaker; 855play is in Khmer and has office in Cambodia. has Khmer language plus Khmer speaker customer service and Live chat even in Khmer.

Best Sport betting site in Cambodia

Here is the list of Best betting website that support Khmer language and their bonuses:

No Sport Betting Currency Bonus Language Odd Website
1 188bet logo USD $100 Khmer, English 8/10

For Cambodian Player, 188bet is the best for payment system, promotion and reward.

How to deposit and withdraw money?

After registered, deposit money is a second step to bet. 188bet accept Visa Card, Master Card, e-money and local bank transfer. let the players cash in by local bank transfer such as ACLEDA, CP Bank, Canadia Bank and even by Wing. is very easy to deposit your money.

Video 188bet Khmer Cambodia

video 188bet Khmer Cambodia, KH language