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Can we Earn by Sports Betting?

Is it impossible to earn money by Betting?

Many people say it’s impossible to earn money by betting. Can we really earn by Sports Bet? We all know that gambling is to take risk. We can win, we can lose. As long as we control our risk there are chance to win. During the World Cup 2018 several sports bettors won their wagers. For instant, one of the players (username: so****hh**) who registered 188bet by our link won USD 68,067 for the last match between France vs Croatia. He used the 100% bonus and tries his luck during the World Cup.
World Cup Finished, is there something we can bet?
That’s true FIFA World Cup founded the Champion but sports bet is not done. We will have Euro, Champions League, Europa League and more professional football leagues in Asia and Europe that we can bet to win our luck.
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