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Sports Betting in Laos

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Laos PDR is a unique country yet there is no bookmaker specify service there yet. will help to give some guide line for player who want to bet in Laos.

Online sport betting in Laos

Online sport bet is one of the best solution for player who want to bet play game without any worry of some kind of law of the country. Online betting mean you use bookies website by your own computer or mobile through internet connection. There’re advantages of using online bookies. You don’t need to go any physical shop to bet. In each bookmaker you can not only bet sport, but play any e-game, e-sport, casino, live casino, keno, poker and more. Are you worry that you’re stuck with something? They have team to support you contact them buy live chat is the faster way 24/7 service.

Best bookies for player in Laos

No Sport Betting Currency Bonus Language Website
1 dafabet logo USD, THB $100 Thai, English
2 188bet logo USD, THB $100 Thai, English

Is online betting safe?

Is it safe to use online bookies? We don’t guarantee all websites are safe to play but the websites we mention above are all have international legal gambling license from UK, Philippines.etc.

Guide to bet Online

Before you can bet, you need to register to a website. That website has license that is no need to worry if you register with website we show below. Since there is no bookies support Lao Kip (LAK) currency yet, you may need to choose Thai Baht (THB) or Dollar US (USD) as a prefer currency.
Once you’re registered, check out their deposit method and choose what is the convenient way for you. is a big website in Asia. They have license in the Philippines and accept Lao residents. They have large sport betting market. Contact their deposit support team by chat or email or call you’ll find the easy deposit system they provide.

Is gambling legal in Laos?

According to Laos Penal Code, Article 76 gambling is forbidden in Laos. However, the law always has their missing piece. Somehow online gambling is not the case to worry about.