Sports Betting

What is Online Sports Betting

Sport bet is refer to any placing money to on any sports. Now days, one of the easy and convinced way to place a wager on sports is to do in by internet (bet online). What you need is a good internet connection and a device. After you may need to know what payment method is needed. Here we explained all about sports bet online.

Popular sports to bet in Asia

What sport can I bet in Asia? Almost all the sport competition you can bet with Asian Bookies. The most popular sport is soccer. Other than that you can bet tennis, horse racing, cricket, formula 1, basketball, hockey, table tennis, motor, car racing, volley ball, badminton, golf and the most popular Football betting.

What is bet in Play

Bet in Play or live betting is to bet on the football live match. Betting in live get more chance to win. Choose the bookmaker that allows different type of betting, better odds and well settle bet. Most of the bookmakers allow their player to bet in-play (bet in live match) such as and other bookmakers outside Asia

Betting odds formats in Asia

Using Asian Bookies, you may find six different odds formats as:
1- Decimal odds (Euro odds/European odds)
2- Fraction odds
3- Hong Kong odds
4- Indonesian odds
5- Malay Odds
6- American odds

Free Streaming Videos from online betting sites

Some bookmakers let their customer watch free live streaming of important matches. It’s one of the advantage that you can have. Why not join the bookmaker that offers free live football match such as and

Mobile and tablet betting

Now betting by mobile and tablet are available. You can play any time any places.

Withdrawal Payment Methods

There are several methods of deposit and withdrawal: Credit Card, Only Banking transfer, e-wallet and prepaid card such as Money booker. The most convenient, cheapest and secure way of payment method online sport betting is using Skrill or Neteller. This method won’t let you direct use from your Visa/Master card nor Bank. It’s the quickest way to deposit and cash-out from any bookies.
If you got email from bookmakers to verify your identity, you need to do if you don’t want to lose your account.

What age can bet on sport

Because betting can be addicted, all the online betting websites need to follow the rule that player register need to be 18 years old up.