uefa champions league

UEFA find the Champions 2019-2020 soon?

What will UEFA plan after Coronavirus finishs

As soon as the world recovers from Corona-19 pandemic, UEFA will continue their biggest football competitions UEFA Champion League and UEFA Europa League. However, they may use the new strategy to find the champions of both leagues. They may use a center stadium of the remained matches. They might not have home away matches.
The UEFA Champions League and Europa League had been postponed since last March 2020. Both Champions League and Europa League are at the quarter-finals stage.

Which matches postponed?

UEFA Champions League quarter-finals still has two match that postponed Inter Milan vs Getafe FC and Sevila vs AS Roma while the other 6 matches already played at home.
UEFA Europa League quarter-finals already found the winners of their home matches. Four matches had found the teams that will go to semi-finals such as Atletico Madrid, Paris SG, RB Leipzing and Atalanta FC. The four matches remain unknown who will play the next round are Real Madrid vs Manchester City, Chelsea vs Bayern Munich, Olympic Lyon vs Juventus and Napoli vs Barcelona.

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