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UEFA Nations League Explained

What is UEFA Nations League

For some people, the UEFA Nations League is a more meaningful tournament that spices up the international football in general, for some a lack of consideration for the players, because they will play less friendly than important “go at it” international games. . UEFA Nations League is a concept that replaces the international friendlies with a competition that will include all of the 55 European associated teams.

Can we bet on UEFA Nations League

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Structure of UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League format is no different than the ordinary national league in most of the European countries.

There are 55 national football team of Europe participate. The tournament is formed in to 4 leagues; League 1 to League 4. Each leagues are ranked by their FIFA ranking and how strong are the teams. There are 4 groups by leagues, each groups have 3 to 4 teams. Each teams play home and away. The group stage will begin in September 2018 to November 2018 while the final starts in 2019.

Nations League A and groups

Group A1 Germany France Netherlands
Group A2 Belgium Switzerland Iceland
Group A3 Portugal Italy Poland
Group A4 Spain England Croatia


Nations League B and groups

Group B1 Slovakia Ukraine Czech Republic
Group B2 Russia Sweden Turkey
Group B3 Austria Bosnia and Herzegovina Northern Ireland
Group B4 Wales Republic of Ireland Denmark


Nations League C and groups

Group C1 Scotland Albania Israel
Group C2 Hungary Greece Finland Estonia
Group C3 Slovenia Norway Bulgaria Cyprus
Group C4 Romania Serbia Montenegro Lithuania

Nations League D and groups

Group D1 Georgia Latvia Kazakhstan Andorra
Group D2 Belarus Luxembourg Moldova San Marino
Group D3 Azerbaijan Faroe Islands Malta Kosovo
Group D4 FYR Macedonia Armenia Lichtenstein Gibraltar

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