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World Cup 2022 the winner is already known by this artificial intelligence

World Cup 2022: artificial intelligence gives the winner of the football tournament in Qatar

Who will win the 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

What punter wouldn't like to know the winner of the World Cup 2022 before the final result on Sunday, December 18, 2022 and be able to bet online on the number one national team in this competition without taking the risk of losing your money? In this web article, you will discover all the artificial intelligence predictions allowing you to bet the winning team.

Here is the list of bettor questions answered by the bet-in-asia.com team on this web article:

  • What are the chances of victory in Qatar for each national team?
  • What are the free World Cup 2022 predictions?
  • How to win tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2022 draw?
  • How to bet online without risk on the 2022 World Cup?
  • How to get multiple sports betting bonuses in 2022?
  • Which sports betting site offers a great weekly promotion?
  • How to quickly register on 1XBet ?

The chances of victory of each national team

From November 21 to December 18, 2022, FIFA World Cup matches will be played in Qatar. While this prestigious FIFA competition promises great uncertainty about the results, an artificial intelligence has already decided on the chances of the 32 teams that should play the grand final. The company called Opta, which specializes in statistics on the world of football, has given the percentage of chances of each national team to win the title of world champion.

An algorithm has calculated the chances of victory of the selections

According to their mathematical model, there is therefore a 17.93% chance that the France team will win. Defending champions, the French players are however not in a very good phase at the moment and remain on a very poor series of results in the UEFA Nations League. They are closely followed by Brazil with 15.73%, while the Spanish team completes this podium with 11.53%.

Complete table of victory chances by country

Predictions on the 32 national teams of the tournament

  1. France 17.93% odds
  2. Brazil 15.73% off odds
  3. Spain 11.53% chance
  4. England 8.03% chance
  5. Belgium 7.90% chance
  6. Netherlands 7.70% chance
  7. Germany 7.21% chance
  8. Argentina 6.45% chance
  9. Portugal 5.11% chance
  10. Croatia 2.31% chance
  11. Denmark 2.03% chance
  12. Uruguay 1.48% chance
  13. Mexico 1.37% chance
  14. Switzerland 1.00% chance
  15. Poland 0.82% chance
  16. Iran 0.60% chance
  17. Japan 0.48% chance
  18. United States 0.46% chance
  19. Wales 0.41% chance
  20. Qatar 0.35% chance
  21. South Korea 0.35% chance
  22. Serbia 0.24% chance
  23. Senegal 0.19% chance
  24. Equator 0.17% chance
  25. Ghana 0.02% chance
  26. Australia 0.01% chance
  27. Tunisia 0.01% chance
  28. Morocco 0.01% chance
  29. Canada 0.01% chance
  30. Cameroon 0.00% chance
  31. Saudi Arabia 0.00% chance
  32. Costa Rica 0.00% chance

How to win tickets for the big draw for the 2022 World Cup?

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