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Bet in Malaysia

The web page Online Betting in Malaysia​ 2024 of bet-in-asia.com site answers a list of questions most asked by Malaysian Gamblers on the internet looking for help to bet better

Best Bonus Sports Betting Site Malaysia

Ranking Malaysian Promotion 2024

  1. Official Dafabet Promotion 2024 Link: Dafabet in Malaysia 50% bonus up to 3,000 Malaysian Ringgit
  2. Official Dafabet Promotion 2024 Link: Dafabet in Malaysia 160% bonus up to 480 Malaysian Ringgit
  3. Official 188bet Promotion 2024 Link: 188BET in Malaysia 35% bonus up to 2,688 Malaysian Ringgit
  4. Official 22bet Promotion 2024 Link: 22bet in Malaysia 100% bonus up to 560 Malaysian Ringgit
  5. Official 1xbet Promotion 2024 Link: 1Xbet in Malaysia 100% bonus up to 400 Malaysian Ringgit
  6. Official 12bet Promotion 2024 Link: 12bet in Malaysia 100% bonus up to 200 Malaysian Ringgit

TOP Information 2024 Malaysian Gamblers punters

Bet on Online Sports in Malaysia Guide 2024

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12Bet welcome Bonus Malaysia

On the Bet in Malaysia part of the Bet-in-asia.com website, a site specializing in the field of online sports betting, you will be able to discover a series of detailed analyzes in the form of a Asian bookmaker file, information on the Malaysian Ringgit payment methods of betting sites, view current month's promotions and get help to better bet online, free betting tips in the form of football predictions.

Choose your Sports Betting Site Bonus in Malaysian Ringgit (RM)

Here is the list of questions that the bet-in-asia website answers on this page of the web guide :

  • What is the Best Malaysian Website to Bet on Soccer?
  • What is the Best Malaysian Betting Bonus in RM ?
  • Where can I get Free Soccer Betting Tips?
  • What is the Sportbook 2024 Bonus for the 188bet site?
  • How to register from Malaysia on 12bet?
  • How to deposit money from Malaysia to Dafabet?
  • How to bet online on 1xbet Malaysia?
  • How to download the 2024 football betting application?
  • Can I use Dafabet in Malaysia?
  • Can you bet in Malaysia?
  • Is 1xbet bookie legal in Malaysia?
  • Is 188 bet safe to use in Kuala Lumpur or in Seberang Perai?

Malaysia Top 5 Football Betting sites 2024

Where to bet on online sports in Malaysia in 2024? Here is the list of the 5 Asian Bookies made by bet-in-asia of trusted sports betting sites for players, Malaysian punters.

  1. Dafabet Malaysia

    BET-IN-ASIA.com Rating : 8/10 

    Total number of leagues : Over 400 Football leagues worldwide.

    Welcome Sportsbook Bonus : 100%

  2. 1XBet Malaysia

    BET-IN-ASIA.com Rating : 8/10 

    Total number of leagues : Over 1000 Soccer leagues worldwide.

    Welcome Sportsbook Bonus : 100%

  3. 12bet Malaysia

    BET-IN-ASIA.com Rating : 7/10

    Total number of leagues : Over 300 Football leagues worldwide.

    Welcome Sportsbook Bonus : 100%

  4. 188Bet Malaysia

    BET-IN-ASIA.com Rating : 7/10

     Total number of leagues : Over 400 Soccer leagues worldwide.

    Welcome Sportsbook Bonus : 100%

Best Malaysian Ringgit Betting Bonus in 2024

  1. 988 RM Bonus 188Bet 100 % on sign up
  2. 450 RM Bonus Dafabet 160 % on sign up
  3. 400 RM Bonus 1xBet 100 % on sign up
  4. 200 RM Bonus 12bet 100 % on sign up

TOP Free Football Betting Tips

Malaysia Super League Best Free Asia Tips

We’re providing weekly Malaysia Super League Best Free Predictions for all matches of Malaysia TOP league.

Malaysian competitions Top Predictions

On this web page you can consult the links of the best free tips for online football betting at Malaysia Premier League Best Free Predictions, see what are the predictions for today's league matches, help to bet on the Malaysia Cup Best Free Predictions or on the Malaysia FA Cup Best Free Predictions

TOP 3 Predictions on the best EURO competitions

1XBET Malaysia Best Betting Site

Bonus 1Xbet Malaysia 100 % on sign up

1xbet Malaysia  welcome bonus 100 % on first deposit


Is gambling legal in Malaysia

There are different laws apply to Muslim, Chinese, tourists and other minorities.
The punishment can be fined RM 5 000 and/or jailed 6 months according to betting Act 1953 and Racing Act 1961 that is target Chinese, minorities and tourists. For Muslim, gambling is a serious crime according to Sharia Law. Because of Sunni Islam is the official religion and the population of Muslim is more than others that makes gambling not able to be legal in Malaysia. If you would like to learn deeper the law of Malaysia, take a look at the official website of Malaysia here.

Online betting in Ringgit MYR

When it comes to online, gambling is still possible to play. The Player can bet any sports, play casino, poker, mahjong and e-sports from any private places.
Western websites don’t accept Visa card or Mastercard that connected to Malaysia banks. It’s still possible to deposit with them by using Entropay. You can create an account in US Dollar by going to www.entropay.com. They will send you a free Visa card. You can transfer your money in MYR from your bank to Entropay account in USD. It may cost you come fee since the money exchange rate, but you are free to use any bookies you’d like.

Best online betting website for Malaysia

12BET Malaysia Best Betting Site

12BET Malaysia Bonus 100 % on first deposit

12bet Asia welcome bonus 100 % on first deposit

Here are the bookmaker that we find they’re good to use in Malaysia:

If you use Dafabet, your advantage is you’re able to watch many sport matches live for free. After you register, if your currency is not USD, live chat to ask them to change currency from Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) to US Dollar (USD) so you can enjoy deposit bonus up to 450 MYR.

Malaysian odds format

Malaysian odds or Malay odds is one of the odd formats that offers by many Asian Bookies. Malay odds format has positive and negative odds that are mostly in use in Malaysia. Dafabet offers Malaysia odds format but US odds format, Decimal odds format (European odds format).
You can choose the odd format that you’re familiar with when you first register.

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