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singapore flag Is gambling legal in Singapore?
Sadly, No. Gambling is no longer legal in Singapore by the Remote Gambling Act in October 2015. This new law made all gambling website and mobile application illegal. Hundreds of gambling websites has been blocked. Anyone who break the law could be fined up to $5, 000 and/or in prison up to 6 months or gotten both punishment.

Online Sport Betting

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Where to bet in Singapore? We do not recommend anyone from Singapore to register bet inside Singapore because it’s very risky. But if you travel outside frequently why not bet.

How to bet online

Even though you access the gambling site for now, the government may block in the next day that make all your stake amount gone. It’s can be risk free if you bet while you travel outside Singapore.
If you’re ready for taking risk, try to find some VPN browser to access the block website. You can always search internet for how to get access on the block website.

Best sport betting sites

The best sport betting that provide good bonus are:

No Sport Betting Currency Bonus Language Website
1 188bet logo SGD, USD 130 SGD Mandarin, English 188bet.com
3 dafabet logo SGD, USD 130 SGD Mandarin, English dafabet.com
1 12bet asia SGD, USD 130 SGD Mandarin, English 12bet.com

Gambling and Sport betting website blocked in Singapore

Government of Singapore has block hundreds of adult entertainment websites lately. Recently by the new gambling act, the country blocked hundreds of sport betting and gambling website that covert to the real money example: Betfair, PinnacleSports, Ladbrokes, Bet365 … Maybe the country is still on the process of blocking more website.

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