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Crypto Gambling online Casino Betting Guide 2024

The web page Guide to online gambling in Cryptocurrency 2024 of the site bet-in-asia.com answers a list of questions most frequently asked by players on the internet looking for help to better bet on sports betting sites or play Casino on the web in 2024

TOP 10 Crypto betting questions answered

  • What exactly is cryptocurrency?
  • What are the advantages of betting with cryptocurrency?
  • What are the best cryptocurrencies to play online?
  • What are the Best Bitcoin BTC Sports Betting Sites in the world?
  • How to bet with cryptocurrency?
  • How to use Bitcoin for sports betting sites?
  • Where to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum?
  • How to buy crypto in simple steps?
  • Is it possible to buy Bitcoin from the bookmaker's gambling site?
  • Is it safe to bet online with cryptos?

What is crypto?

Before getting into cryptocurrency gambling, making your first Bitcoin deposit (BTC), it is best to fully understand what means exactly the term cryptocurrency in order to choose the best "corner".

Cryptocurrency definition

According to the informative page of the Wikipedia encyclopedia, a cryptocurrency, also called cryptoasset, cryptocurrency, cryptographic currency or even cybercurrency, is a digital currency issued on a peer-to-peer basis (digital asset) , without the need for a central bank, usable by means of a decentralized computer network. It uses cryptographic technologies and associates the user with the process of issuing and settling transactions. Its operating principle, the Blockchain

Summarized in one sentence

Digital currency used on the Internet, independent of banking networks and linked to an encryption system (Blockchain).


A cryptocurrency is based on a blockchain, a distributed ledger (a kind of ledger of accounts), searchable and accessible by all, 100% transparent, which lists all the actions of the network from the beginning.

Network actors, called nodes, hold, store, and verify their own versions of the chain, from the very first block. A blockchain is considered valid when it is possible to fully verify it starting from the very first block. The absence of a central authority or a trusted third party in this process leads to it being named; decentralized system. Each node corresponds to a computer connected to the network via the internet, the system does not operate in real time, latency times during the exchange of information between the sending and the reception of transactions and blocks through the network may appear .

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