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Best Asian Bookmakers in 2024

The Asian bookmakers web page of bet-in-asia.com site answers a list of questions most frequently asked by internet gamblers looking for help to bet better online

TOP Information Asian bookmaker 2024

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Best Asian Sports Betting Sites 2024

The TOP Asian bookmakers 2024 selection in the form of a comparison table on the bet-in-asia.com website is based on what internet bettors are looking for first before depositing their money on the site of their choice.

  1. The very high level of betting limits on online betting, the freedom to bet big.
  2. A very high maximum deposit, imperative for very big bettors.
  3. From big bettor bonuses both for new players and for bettors already registered.
  4. A wide range of sports betting.
  5. Good odds for betting on football matches.
  6. Instant Payments.
  7. Lowest money transfer fees.
  8. A large choice of crypto for digital money transfers
  9. A live streaming available and free of sporting events such as football matches.

Which is the Best Bonus Asian Betting Sites ?

Which is the best bookmaker in Asia?

Many players search the internet: Who is the best bookmaker in the world? Who is the biggest bookmaker in the world? Which bookmaker has the most customers? Which bookmaker offers the best odds? Using this leaderboard, you can choose in order of position; What is the best sports betting site in Asia?

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What is an Asian bookmaker?

Definition of the term

First of all; What is a bookmaker? The term "Bookmaker" often abbreviated to "bookie" in the English-speaking world, refers to a legal or natural person allowing money to bet on events, most often sports.

Online gambling operators in Asia

The Big Advantages Sites Asia vs Europe

  1. Very large betting limits on online betting in Asia, a very large freedom to bet big. Easily bet larger amounts than in Europe without the sports betting site asking any questions. A paradise for high rollers.
  2. Very big deposit and withdrawal limits that don't set off any alarms if you're just a very big bettor.
  3. Bigger bettor bonuses both for new players on registration and for bettors already registered.
  4. A wide range of handicap betting options for Asian bookmakers.
  5. Very competitive Asian betting odds on the sports betting market
  6. Instant ultra-fast payments.
  7. In the age of crypto, being able to deposit in crypto-currency like coin Bitcoin or the stablecoin, the USDT

What is commonly called "Asian bookmakers" on the internet is all online gambling operators or gambling websites, often allowing to bet larger amounts than in Europe, no questions asked, established in countries like Hong Kong, India or all over the world, offering the possibility of betting from the Asian continent as well than to benefit from many player promotions or bigger bonuses targeting for example China or Malaysia. Not to be confused with the person, the "bookie", present in the street or in an office to physically take the bets.

These online gambling platforms provide service of various gambling games such as sports betting, casino gambling, live casino, keno, e-sports, virtual games, financial bets, etc. There are many gambling websites that target Asian countries. One of the big advantages and not only; ultra-fast payment systems, but also a very wide choice of betting offers with many different currencies, including cryptocurrency like bitcoin or USDT, which is a very popular choice

How to choose the best Asian bookmaker?

The Asian bookmaker websites are not just for players betting in Asia. Thanks to really fast payouts, really high betting limits, Crypto money transfers to easily deposit in Bitcoin or Ethereum and a fast verification process, bookmakers in the Asian continent are attracting more and more lovers of online gambling around the world. Attention, all Asian bookmakers are not on the same footing, some of them are recognized worldwide, hold official licenses provided for example by Cagayan province (Philippines).

Choice criteria for selecting your gambling site

  • What currencies do you want to use to bet or play online?
  • How to transfer funds to the gambling site?
  • Which sports would you like to bet on?
  • Which odds formats do you prefer?

How to transfer funds to an Asian bookmaker?

What currencies do Asian sites accept?

Asian sports betting by country

Betting sites in China - TOP bookmakers

Betting sites in India - TOP bookmakers

Betting sites in Malaysia- TOP bookmakers

Betting sites in Indonesia - TOP bookmakers

Betting sites in Thailand - TOP bookmakers

Which site is legal or illegal?

Some of them have licenses, but many online betting sites do not.

What happens when you bet with non licensed websites?

The answer is very simple, when you bet on websites that have not obtained an official license, which is not a real company: This bet is at very high risk. Why ? Since there is no license, no official paperwork, there is no guarantee that your winning bet will be paid out.
It is all the more important to play only on a trusted website to place a bet. On bet-in-asia.com, we recommend a list of websites, in the form of a comparative table, which we have verified that they have the legal licenses to operate online gambling at both the national and continental, as well as a registered company name and official offices physically present at the registered address. You can bet online, play casino or any game of chance with them without any worries.

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Currencies available in Asian Bookies

Because Asian bookies focus on Asian Market, they support more Aisan language and currencies.
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Indian Rupee (INR), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Thai Baht (THB), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Chinese Renminbi (RMB), Vietnamese Dong (VND), and US Dollar (USD).

Deposit and Withdraw with Asian Bookies

The method of payment is not the same from one country to another as well as the bookmaker you use. Find out the more convenient option for you with our review or check their own websites.
Most of the deposit and withdraw options that Asian Bookies use are:
– Visa/Master Card
– E-wallet/moneybooker
– Credit card
– bank transfer

Customer Service

Customer support is one of the important thing. When you have an issue during your bet or cash in/out the support team must be fast response and solve your problem.
– One of the easy way is Live Chat that service 24/7. If you are an English speaker, live chat is fast and free. If you’re not so good at English then look for a website that support your own language.
 Phone Call is also fast but you may need to find the local number if you don’t want to spend money for calling abroad number
 Email is also can solve your problem but it may take more time

The restriction Gambling site in Asia

By the law of different countries, gambling is illegal. Some countries have censored the internet to block the gambling websites such as China, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea…
One of the solution to access the block websites is to use VPN to hide your IP Address. VPN can be use as application or to add as extension to your Chrome or anything you use. The more secure is to buy a VPN license. It’s about $2 to $15 per month. If you don’t want to pay, look for anonymoX or Hola VPN. However, this method is not good when you withdraw money because of there will be a problem of Address But it helps if you have an account with one betting website and suddenly it’s blocked.
Note: We are not the law expert. We share what we know. If you scare having any problem, search gambling law that apply to the country you live in.

European Bookmakers

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3 betway asia 100% welcome bonus Minimum $10 Yes No betway.com
4 pinnacle asia logo N/A Minimum $10 No Yes pinnacle.com
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