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Qatar 2022 World Cup betting offers: what are the best promotions to bet on matches?

2022 world cup betting offers best promotions
Qatar 2022 world cup betting offers the best promotions to bet on matches

Which sports betting sites in Asia offer the best World Cup 2022 promotions?

What is the best offer to bet on the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar?

world cup 2022 jackpot

What Asian bettor, or player from around the world, wouldn't like to use the best promotional offer to bet on the 2022 World Cup? In this web article, you will discover all the offers of sports betting sites allowing you to choose the right bookmaker before placing your bet.

Here is the list of bettor questions answered by the bet-in-asia.com team on this web article:

  • Which secure sports betting site offers a great promotion on the 2022 FIFA World Cup?
  • How to win 2022 FIFA World Cup tickets?
  • How to participate in the 2022 World Cup prediction contest in Qatar?
  • How to win the biggest prize in the contest on 1XBET?
  • What is the main prize of the Dafabet jackpot pot?
  • How to win free bets?
  • How to get multiple sports betting bonuses in 2022?
  • What are the deals of the day on World Cup matches?
  • What is the boosted odds of the day?
  • How to bet online without risk on the 2022 World Cup?
  • What are the 1XBet Asia offers of the moment?
  • What are the Dafabet Asia promotions in November 2022 and December 2022?
  • What is the promotion of the day 188bet?
  • What is the 12bet promotion of the day?
  • How to win football gifts in November and December 2022?
  • How to quickly register from Asia on 1XBet?

The most beautiful promotion on the 2022 FIFA World Cup

How to participate in the 2022 1XBET World Contest Grand Draw?

World Football Contest 2022 wins great gifts

What football fan wouldn't love to ride in a really nice car, win a sports Bentley in the contest in Qatar? How to participate in this 1XBET promotion? Nothing easier ; Bet on 2022 World Cup matches from November 20 to December 18, 2022 and try to win the super prize, the Bentley or one of the many prizes offered on this occasion. If the world of sports betting and a passion for football live in you, the 1XBET World Cup 2022 contest from the web portal 1X Bet online gambling is for you. A wide range of very beautiful lots constitutes the promotional offer on the biggest planetary event.

As of November 21, 2022 to December 18, 2022, FIFA World Cup matches will be played at the following stadiums: Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor City, Lusail Stadium, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah , Al Thumama, Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan, Khalifa International Stadium and Stadium Stadium 974 of Qatar. The various bookmakers present on the web offer many the most attractive promotional offers. It is certain that any bettor, both amateur and professional, will find happiness in this multitude of offers, of the most interesting. The bet-in-asia.com site specializing in the field of sports betting is there to guide you.

Which sports betting site offers the best promotion for the 2022 World Cup?

To date, here is our selection: predictions from the group stages to the final, Dafabet, DafaMillion Cup predict the passage of teams to the next round of the World Cup and receive up to 5 Million RM (Malaysian Ringgit)!

How to participate in the World Cup prediction contest?

How does it work?

  1. Register Dafabet Malaysia or Dafabet Asia depending on your country of residence.
  2. Enter your Dafabet player name in the registration form. No player account yet? Register-you here!
  3. Predict which teams will advance to the next round.
  4. Submit your football predictions for a chance to win the 2022 World Cup Special Prize Pool:
  5. - Group stages. Which teams will advance to the next round? Are there any surprise teams making it to the Round of 16?
  6. Example of Group A ranking prediction: 1 Netherlands, 2 Senegal, 3 Ecuador, 4 Qatar.
  7. Example of Group B seeding prediction: 1 England, 2 USA, 3 Wales, 4 Iran.
  8. Example of Group C seeding prediction: 1 Argentina, 2 Mexico, 3 Poland, 4 Saudi Arabia.
  9. Example of Group D ranking prediction: 1 France, 2 Denmark, 3 Australia, 4 Tunisia.
  10. Example of Group E ranking prediction: 1 Germany, 2 Spain, 3 Japan, 4 Costa Rica.
  11. Example of Group F ranking prediction: 1 Belgium, 2 Croatia, 3 Morocco, 4 Canada.
  12. Example of Group G ranking prediction: 1 Brazil, 2 Switzerland, 3 Cameroon, 4 Serbia.
  13. Example of Group H ranking prediction: 1 Uruguay, 2 Portugal, 3 South Korea, 4 Ghana.
  14. Please organize the teams according to how you think they will finish their group stages. (Don't worry, you can always review your answers before submitting your application).
  15. - Round of 16, choose the last 8 teams for the Quarter-finals.
  16. Examples of predictions: Netherlands (in the Quarter-finals) match Netherlands-USA.
  17. England (in the Quarter-finals) match England-Senegal.
  18. Argentina (in the Quarter-finals) Argentina-Denmark match.
  19. France (in the Quarter-finals) France-Mexico match.
  20. Germany (in the Quarter-finals) match Germany-Croatia.
  21. Belgium (in the Quarter-finals) match Belgium-Spain.
  22. Brazil (in the Quarter-finals) match Brazil-Portugal. Uruguay (in the Quarter-finals) match Uruguay-Switzerland.
  23. - Quarter-finals, choose the last 4 teams for the semi-finals.
  24. Examples of predictions: Netherlands (in Semi-finals) match Netherlands-Argentina.
  25. France (in the Semi-finals) match England-France.
  26. Germany (in Semi-finals) match Germany-Brazil.
  27. Belgium (in Semi-finals) match Belgium-Uruguay.
  28. - Semi-finals, choose the two finalists. Who will participate in this year's final? Choose your teams to reserve their place in the final.
  29. Examples of predictions: Belgium (in the final) France-Belgium match.
  30. Germany (in the final) match Netherlands-Germany
  31. - Final, choose your champion.
  32. Prediction example: Belgium (champion) match Germany-Belgium
  33. Review your prediction choices! Review your selections and make any last minute adjustments before submitting your application. Remember! Only your 1st participation is valid! Good luck!
  34. Winning the Jackpot: Receive RM5,000,000 or a very nice sum as a free bet depending on the number of winners.

This promotion runs from August 24 to November 20, 2022 (GMT+8).

For player registrations to be confirmed, a cumulative deposit of RM348 will be required along with a cumulative wager of RM428 from 20 November to 18 December 2022. All World Cup bets at odds of at least 1.50 will be considered a valid bet for the promotion

Complete Table of Jackpot Value 2022 by Country

2022 World Cup prediction contest in Qatar

As of today, here is our selection: Dafabet, Predict FIFA World Cup 2022 Special Prize Winners and Receive Up to 100 RM (Malaysian Ringgit)!

How to participate in the 2022 World Cup prediction contest in Qatar?

How does it work?

  1. Register Dafabet Malaysia or Dafabet Asia depending on your country of residence.
  2. Enter your Dafabet player name in the registration form. No player account yet? Register here !
  3. Predicting results
  4. Submit your football prediction for the following special FIFA World Cup 2022 rewards:
  5. - Ballon d'Or (Best Player). Prediction Example: Kylian Mbappé (France), Neymar Junior (Brazil), Karim Benzema (France), Lionel Messi (Argentina), Vinicius Junior (Brazil), Marco Asensio (Spain), Isco (Spain), Kévin De Bruyne (Belgium) ), ...
  6. - Golden Boot (top scorer). Prediction example: Karim Benzema (France), Lionel Messi (Argentina), Romelu Lukaku (Belgium), ...
  7. - Golden Glove Award (Best Goalkeeper). Prediction example: Thibaut Courtois (Belgium), Manuel Neuer (Germany), ...
  8. - Best young player of the tournament. Prediction Example: Vinicius Junior (Brazil), Phlip Foden (England), Jadon Sancho (England), ...
  9. - Winning continent. Example: Europe, ...
  10. Win: Receive a nice sum as a free bet based on the number of your correct predictions!

This promotion runs from August 24 to November 20, 2022 (GMT+8).

Correct prediction: table of free bet amounts

  1. 5 correct predictions RM 100
  2. 4 correct predictions RM 60
  3. 3 correct predictions RM 40
  4. 2 correct predictions RM 20
  5. 1 correct prediction - no reward

Complete table of special prices by country

Win 2022 FIFA World Cup Tickets

How to win tickets for the World Final in Qatar?

Package Formula Hospitality Tickets + Luxury Accommodation + reimbursement of Plane tickets for two people.

Consolation prizes include: IPHONE 14 PRO, national team shirts and prizes in the form of free bets.

Date of the 12bet Asia promotion: AUGUST 1 - 31 OCT 2022.

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