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The Different Types of Football Bets

Variety of bets on football matches

What are the different types of football betting offered by sports betting sites? The offers available on the many online bookmakers are increasingly popular, and for good reason: they allow football fans to make every match even more exciting and offer the possibility of winning money at the same time. There are many types of football betting, each with its own rules and risks. In this guide, we'll go over, explaining with examples, the variety of bets on football matches, so you can better understand your options and make more informed decisions to win more bets. .

1. Simple bets

Single bets are the most common and the easiest to understand. They simply consist of betting on the outcome of a single match. You can bet on the winner of the match, the exact result or the number of goals scored, for example. Single bets are popular because they are easy to understand and place, but they can also offer less favorable odds than other types of bets.

1X2 bet explanation

The 1X2 bet (or 1N2 in French) is one of the most popular types of betting in football and the most used by beginner bettors. It is simply the act of predicting the outcome of a match, choosing between three options: the probable winner of the match or the draw. The 1 designates the victory of team A, the 2 the victory of team B, and the X (or N in French), for a draw

Bet 1X2 example

For example, if you are betting on a game between Team A and Team B, you can choose between the following options: Team A wins ("1"), draws ("X "), or the victory of team B ("2"). If you think team A will win, you bet on option "1", if you think both teams will draw, you bet on option "X", and if you think team B will win, you bet on option "2".

1X2 bet example of winnings on a match

If your bet wins, you win your stake, multiplied by the odds awarded for that result. Example: Let's take a Real Madrid-Bayern Munich football match: Real Madrid (odds 2.15) Draw (odds 3.25) - Bayern Munich (odds 2.75) if you bet $10 on Real Madrid you win 10 x 2.15 = $21.50.

Double Chance Bet (1X, 12, X2)

  • 1X= team 1 wins or draws.
  • 12= team 1 wins or team 2 wins.
  • X2= draw or team 2 wins.

The Double Chance bet is a popular betting option in sports betting. It allows the bettor to cover two out of three possible outcomes in a sporting event.

In the case of a football match, the three possible outcomes are home team win, away team win, and draw. The Double Chance bet allows the bettor to choose two possible outcomes out of the three, which greatly increases their chances of winning. For the prediction site team, bet-in-asia is by far the best type of sports betting

For example, if you bet on the Double Chance "Team A or Draw" in a football match, you win if Team A wins or if the match ends in a draw. If the visiting team wins, you lose the bet.

The Double Chance bet is often used when the favorite team is away or if the in-form team meets a bad team. Although the odds are lower than for a single bet on one outcome, Double Chance is considered a safer bet as it covers two possible outcomes.

2. Multiple bets

Multiple or combination bets allow punters to combine several single bets into a single bet. It offers the possibility of betting simultaneously on several sporting events, with a multiplication of winnings as a result. This increases the total odds and potential winnings, but it also increases the risk of losing the stake, as all bets must win to win.

To place a combined bet, simply select at least two sporting events on which you wish to bet. For each of these events, choose the outcome you expect by clicking on the corresponding odds.

Once all the bets you have selected for multiples are displayed, you can enter your stake amount in the "combined" box and confirm your bet.

3. Handicap betting

Handicap betting is a popular type of bet for games where a team is considered the favorite. In this type of bet, one team receives a goals handicap, and the other team must win by a certain number of goals for the bet to win. Handicap betting is popular because it allows bettors to bet on a match that might otherwise offer unattractive odds.

Handicap bet explanation

Handicap betting is a type of bet that gives a team an advantage or a handicap before the start of the match. Bettors must predict the final result taking into account the given handicap.

This type of bet is often used to balance the chances of winning between two teams, even if one is considered stronger than the other. Handicap betting is also very popular as it allows bettors to enjoy better odds even when the two teams are not equal in strength.

Handicap bet example

Example: If you bet on a win for team A at handicap -1 against team B, team A must win the match with a difference of at least two goals for you to win the bet.

Handicap betting tips

Tips: Handicap betting can be an effective way to maximize winnings if you have a good understanding of team performance and appropriate handicaps. It may be worth noting that the odds for handicap bets can vary significantly depending on the given handicap.

4. Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting is a popular form of betting in Asian sports, but has also grown in popularity in other parts of the world. This type of bet is often used to even the odds between two unequal teams.

Asian Handicap works by assigning an advantage or handicap to each team before the match begins. For example, in a football match, one team may be assigned a handicap of +1 goal, while the other team is assigned a handicap of -1 goal. This means that the team with a +1 goal handicap will start the match with a one goal advantage, while the other team will start the match with a one goal handicap.

The goal of Asian Handicap betting is to create a situation where both teams have an equal chance of winning the match. Handicaps can be whole numbers or half numbers. For example, a handicap of +1.5 goals means that the team must win the match or draw the match for the bet to win.

Asian handicap betting is also available for other sports such as basketball and tennis. This type of bet offers punters additional betting options, allowing them to bet on matches where one team is considered to be stronger than the other.

In summary, Asian Handicap betting is a popular form of betting that offers bettors the opportunity to bet on matches where one team is deemed to be stronger than the other. By assigning an advantage or a handicap to each team before the start of the match, the handicaps are used to level the playing field between the two teams.

5. Correct Score Bets

Correct score bets are a more difficult type of bet to win, but offer high potential payouts. In this type of bet, you must bet on the exact score of the match. Odds for exact score bets are generally higher than for single bets, as the outcome is more difficult to predict.

6. Betting on the number of goals

Over/Under bet (+/- 0.5buts) explanation

The type of bet called "Total Goals" is easy to understand. You bet on the total number of goals scored by both teams in a given game. For example, you can bet on whether there will be over 0.5 goals scored (over 0.5) or under 0.5 goals scored (under 0.5) in a football match. To win your bet choosing the under 0.5 option, both teams must score a maximum of 0 goals. Likewise, to win your bet by choosing the over 0.5 option, both teams must score at least 1 goal.

Over/Under bet (+/- 0.5buts) example

An example of over 0.5 goal betting would be betting on a team to score at least one goal in a given match. This type of bet is commonly offered pre-match or live and is often used to increase the odds when a favorite is in play. For example, if a team is considered very strong and they are playing against a lower, the odds to bet on it to win could be very low. However, if you bet on more than 0.5 goals for this team, the odds will be higher and you will still have a chance of winning if the team scores at least one goal.

7. Half-time and full-time betting

Half time and full time betting allows bettors to bet on the outcome at half time and at the end of the match. Odds for half-time and full-time bets can vary widely, depending on how the teams perform during different parts of the match.

8. Goalscorer betting

Scorer betting allows bettors to bet on which player will score the first goal or which player will score at any time during the match. Goalscorer betting is a form of sports betting in which a bettor bets on a particular player to score a goal or multiple goals in a football match. Punters can place bets on a player to score at any point in the match, or to score the first goal, the last goal, or even a specific number of goals. The odds for goalscorer bets vary depending on the player and their likelihood of scoring, as well as the competition and match in question. Goalscorer betting is very popular with football bettors, especially for big games and international competitions.

9.Bets on the final result

Betting on the final result is one of the simplest and most popular types of football betting. Bettors simply have to predict the final outcome of a match, the correct score, either a win for one of the two teams or a draw.

10.Live betting

Live betting, also known as real-time betting, is sports betting that can be placed during an ongoing sporting event. Punters can follow live events and adjust their bets based on the action on the pitch. Odds change in real time based on team and player performance, providing real-time betting opportunities for punters. Live betting may be available for a wide range of sporting events including football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, baseball and many more. Live betting can add an exciting dimension to sports betting by allowing bettors to place bets in real time and follow live results.

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