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Bet in Myanmar

The web page Online Betting in Myanmar​ 2024 of bet-in-asia.com site answers a list of questions most asked by Burmese Gamblers on the internet looking for help to bet better

TOP Information 2024 Burmese Gamblers punters

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Bet on Online Sports in Myanmar Guide 2024

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On the Bet in Myanmar part of the Bet-in-asia.com website, a site specializing in the field of online sports betting, you will be able to discover a series of detailed analyzes in the form of a Asian bookmaker file, information on the Myanmar kyat payment methods of betting sites, view current month's promotions and get help to better bet online, free betting tips in the form of football predictions.

Choose your Sports Betting Site Bonus in Myanmar kyat (MMK)

Here is the list of questions that the bet-in-asia website answers on this page of the web guide :

Republic of the Union of Myanmar (previously known as Burma) is a sovereign state in Southern Asia. Gambling in Myanmar is illegal, but the authorities are not very strict in following those rules. There are 5 casinos in Myanmar, sports bets and lottery (online lottery) as well. So even though some gambling is illegal (lottery isn’t), no one is being prosecuted by the government.

Sports Betting in Myanmar

Sports betting is the most played form of betting or gambling in Myanmar. The strange thing in Myanmar is that tourists are allowed to bet on sports, but for Myanmar citizens is illegal. Anyway, even though online gambling is illegal, Myanmar citizens can make online bets, without being prosecuted by the authorities.

The Best online betting website for Burmese

1xbet Myanmar welcome bonus 100 % on first deposit

Here are the sites that have quite good bonus and promotion. 1xbet.com is one of the best choice that you can bet with Burmese Kyat (MMK) in Burmese.

Casinos in Myanmar

The casinos in Myanmar are high class and usually attached to hotels and have restaurants and bars. Some of them can even offer their guests to relax in their spas, swimming pools, karaoke clubs and golf courses as well.
Treasure Island Casino (opened in 2005) is located in Thahtay Kyun. This Resort & Casino offers its clients 150 slot machines, 3 poker tables and 23 casino gaming tables.
Andaman Club Resort; Casino in Thahtay Kyun  is most likely the place to find the high rollers and VIP gamblers from most of Asia. Andaman Club Resort; Casino has 25 gaming tables, which includes blackjack, baccarat and roulette.
Allure Resort is located in Tachilek, which is just across the northern Myanmar border to Thailand. Allure Resord provides with 133 gaming machines and 16 casino gaming tables. It also provides a free airport shuttle.
Regina Entertainment Resort and Casino is also located in Tachilek. This casino offers clients 30 game machines and 12 table games.

Lottery in Myanmar

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The lottery in Myanmar is legal. The national lottery generates an estimated US$ 30 million, and it is drawn monthly. There is some illegal lottery in which people prefer to play during a holiday atmosphere. The difference in the lottery entries between is that the national legal lottery is more expensive (US$0.25) than the illegal (US$0.025).

Online Poker in Myanmar

Even though the most popular casino game is illegal, as for most of the gambling in Myanmar- people won’t be prosecuted for participating. Myanmarians often play online poker without being fined by their government.
Gambling and betting is illegal for Myanmarians in their local country, but not for tourists. And even though it is illegal, people from Myanmar are never charged for online gambling, and many online casinos accept participants from Myanmar.

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